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Restaurant Review: Mie Ranjang 69, Margonda Raya Street, Depok

Last weekend I went to a unique restaurant near my boarding house at Margonda Raya Street, and I recommend “Mie Ranjang 69” as your next culinary destination for five reasons. First of all, throughout all branches in Jabodetabek, "Mie Ranjang 69" at Margonda Raya Street, Depok is the most strategic to be found. It is located at Margonda Raya Street no. 466, which is around 400 meters far from Depok’s welcome gateway, and it is one of the most crowded streets in Depok, so it is easy to find this restaurant when you pass the street. It also has parking lot for motorcycles, while cars can park parallel near the sidewalk. Second, the place is comfortable since it has good decoration and interior. The dominant colours of the interior are red and black, and it has an atmosphere of Japan. There is Japanese word “Itadakimasu” which means please enjoy your food in a big black board behind the counter. Also, many lights are hanging above every corner of the room. Third, “Mie Ranjang 69” is totally recommended for all of you who are spicy food lovers. This restaurant’s main menus are Japanese noodle which is known as ramen and steak or meat, yet these two foods are given unique and funny name. The ramen is called “ranjang” which stands for “ramen jangar”, while the steak is called “banci”. When I ordered “banci di ranjang” menu, it also has the same meaning as ramen with extra meat. These two dishes are completed by leveling of spiciness. You can choose from one-to-five spiciness levels. The spiciness levels information also gives several side effects that may happen after you eat your food, such as swollen lips for level 2 and redden face for level 3. Fourth, the service is friendly and fast. There are always some waiters and waitresses who stand in front of the restaurant in order to greet the customers. Also, your food will be ready within five-to-ten minutes after you order it, yet the food will come earlier than the drinks, which is not like the other restaurants. Last but not least, the price is reasonable and suitable especially for both high-scholars and college students. For the food, its price range starts from 15,000 Rupiahs to 28,000 Rupiahs, while the drinks’ price starts from 2,500 Rupiahs to 9,000 Rupiahs. Basically, everyone can try to eat in this restaurant without thinking of spending too much money. In brief, I give four stars for the overall aspects of “Mie Ranjang 69” restaurant because of its strategic location, pleasant interior and decoration, unique food, professional service, and reasonable price.