Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome College

I know I have gone for several months, but everytime when I see this blog I always miss to write again. And today is the day yeayy~

It's been 7 months since my last post published and many or maybe hundred moments, wonderful moment I have done. FYI, I'm a college student now YEAY!! :D. I study at English Department, University of Indonesia. It's been two weeks since my first college day and I have lot of fun. I spent almost all the time to study laugh and joke with my friends and my family, Gamabeta. I mean I try to spent my time with them. Gamabeta is my family from a small town, Jember. We're here for study and Gamabeta is my home whenever and wherever I go. I know when I sick, the nearest people who would help and take care of me are them. When I want to play pump fiesta, have a lunch in another faculty, go to bookstore, etc. I know I will always look for them.

Last Saturday night, We (Alfa, Lendy, MX, Tika, Adam, Haqi, Naufal, Mas Firman, and I) went to Kota Tua Jakarta. We already planned to go here two weeks ago, but because Adam went to Puncak, Bogor then we postponed this plan until last week. I already called everyone (I mean Gamabeta's member especially batch 2012 and 2013) but most of them can't go because of several things, so here is nine of us.

Haqi ft. Naufal (Gay pose)

After the night tour *fiuh*, we went back to the railway station waiting for the first commuter line to Bogor. But because we're too tired, we slept there for around 3 hours. And finally we didn't get the first commuter and arrived at Stasiun UI on 7 A.M.

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